Where do all the young people go?

This is an archived post from Walking Around Like We Own the Place:

Where do “the young people” go? Well, these ones go to Lava Javas…

I just met some extremely obliging “young people” (aged 18, 18 and 19) on the street; they were kind enough to answer my nosy questions about how they like to get around town. They were sitting on the ground under the windows of Debenhams, at about 20.30, just as it started going dusky in the sky. They directly contradicted my recent blog-post about the Crescent Shopping Centre, by the way: two of them, from Raheen, say they’re more likely to come into town than hang out in the Crescent! I asked why not the Crescent, and they said the Crescent “isn’t good…there’s nowhere to sit.” You can’t simply hang out in the Crescent, according to these guys: “It’s mainly, ‘shop or get out’…” 

When these two come into town from Raheen, it’s mainly on foot or by bus.

The three offer three different places they like to hang out when they’re in town: Arthur’s Quay Park, Cruise’s St or Pery Square/the People’s Park. And I was so interested to hear that they all like to go to “Lava Javas”, the cafe run by Limerick Youth Service on Lower Glentworth Street. What’s good about it? “You can play your own music…there’s pool…and there are open mic nights”…at Halloween, there are events where you can dress up, and there are winter proms.

This cafe sounds excellent. What a great resource – a city-centre community place where young people actually want to go.

We discuss the fact that they are sitting on the ground. “If there was a bench, we’d sit on that.” 

Here’s a link (if it works!!) to Lava Java’s Youth Cafe: Lava Java’s Youth Cafe