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Walking Around Like We Own the Place was part of the programme for Limerick, City of Culture 2014. It was about celebrating the citizens’ emotional relationships to their streets, buildings and landscape. I put out a call for people to take me on their habitual walks in the city, and I went walking, armed with notebook, pen and a nosy head! Some contributors’ stories and routes were documented online, and others formed the basis for a series of performance walking tours in September. The walking tours were lovely; they centred on 3 citizen’s stories, and followed a path through the city, visiting the sites of their memories and associations. With some surprises thrown in.

There is no longer a blog for WALWOP. Some favourite old posts:

WALWOP was funded by Limerick, City of Culture 2014. The walking tours were delivered as part of Limerick’s Elemental FestivalThe Production Assistant was Ann Blake, and the walking tours were assisted by volunteers Dolores Lyne, Meg Hennessy and Jenny Hannon. The surprise raffle prizes were made by artist Eoin Barry. Thanks to each voluntary contributor, for taking me on your own walk.

Pink map of Limerick