Reviews of Two Detectives’ work:

Photo by Kat Gollack

Audience feedback for Two Detectives’ scratch performance at Imaginate Festival 2016:

“So joyful and clever”

“A tonne of easy natural humour and charisma”

“Very funny and clever”

Reviews for EmptyBox Theatre’s Norman Shadowboxer, written by Ronan McMahon and directed by Naomi O Kelly, Edinburgh Fringe 2011:

“Norman Shadowboxer is the company’s debut show, but you would never guess it, such is the understated brilliance with which this sweet story is told….Using puppetry, shadow play and nursery rhyme-style storytelling, EmptyBox Theatre bring Norman to life on stage in all his cardboard glory. Everything in the show, from Norman himself to the sandwich in his lunchbox, is made of the stuff and there is a real joy to be had discovering the dozens of imaginative touches included. Ronan McMahon’s script is simple enough to be comprehensible to very young children, but avoids the patronising tone so common to kids’ shows. The play is peppered with moments of genuine humour, many of them helped along by the clever rhyme scheme. Switches between puppetry styles alter the focus of the action, moving between the miniature world of the play’s introduction to the larger-than-life shadow boxing ring where Gustave must face his deadly adversary. Each of these different styles is expertly demonstrated by EmptyBox’s team of puppeteers, who work with great poise throughout.”

Jo Caird, Festmag 4 Stars,

“It is an excellent show for children – all of ours were completely captivated for the full duration of the show.” Broadway Baby, 5 stars

Audience feedback for Two Detectives’ “An Evening with a Professional Troll” at Surge’s Pitch, November 2017:

“Beautifully delivered.”

“Brilliantly sustained. A scary but great concept.”

“Entertaining and terrifying! I wanted to delve further into the mind of a troll.”