Supporting Wellbeing

Photo: Joanna Kosinska

“I liked making the stories. My story was a bit about my life and a bit not…It was one of the only times I wasn’t in trouble” – participant, Community Learning and Support Service

I support people to play, relax, meet others (sometimes) and tell their own stories (sometimes). I use ritual, games, celebrations, stories and food, and love creating situations where people can take time off from the stresses of life.

From 2011-2015, I led a programme for teenagers facing various disadvantages, and although I encountered young people dealing with entirely serious issues, I often had Cyndi Lauper’s song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (!) in my head. Most girls, and boys, and people in general, do want to have fun, no matter what’s going on in the rest of their lives, and I think that this is something an artist can really help with.

“I never used to talk in front of people, and now I do” – participant, young carers group

“So funny…made me happy.” – participant in residential care

“The whole course showed me another way to engage the pupils who are very challenged” – teacher, Hollybrook Secondary School

“I look forward to it, drawing and making up mad stories” – participant, Bridgeton Young Women’s Project

“The story-making was wonderful…The young people have said that it has been important in giving them the opportunity to express themselves in a different way about things that are on their mind.” – member of staff, Community Learning and Support Service

Drawing of games

“It was lovely to see them letting their guard down, relaxing into the activities and using their voices with confidence.” – Deputy Headteacher, St. Oswald’s Secondary School

“Getting to talk to Naomi made me a lot less stressed and I felt better for the rest of the day. I really, especially liked the games.” – participant, Community Learning and Support Service

“It was epic!” – participant, Rosshall Academy

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