Two Detectives

The Complex Number System. Photo:

The Complex Number System. Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

Two Detectives make new performance. We are a company based on the creative partnership of Ronan McMahon and Naomi O Kelly, working with our collaborators (Associate Detectives). Our current preoccupations: clowning, storytelling, puppetry, live music and social satire.

Ronan and Naomi have been collaborating for years, and decided in 2016 to give ourselves a name: We’re called “Two Detectives” because we’re curious about how the world works and like to research stuff we don’t know much about (like on this research trip in Sweden).

We think that the arts can be more accessible to a wider range of people, without compromising on quality. So, we want to make work that is clear and appealing for a wide audience, while still engaging with complexity and pushing the boundaries of what people expect when they come to the theatre.

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What we’re doing now:


A set design by Edward Gordon Craig, whose work greatly inspired W.B. Yeats

A Great Hall by the Sea, a one-woman retelling of a mad, wonderful play by W.B. Yeats. Naomi was recently supported  to develop this as part of Testroom, with National Theatre of Scotland and Puppet Animation Scotland.

The Colour Collectors visit the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

The Colour Collectors visit the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

The Colour Collectors, also known as Dr. Pom and Dr. Pom. Doctors Pom and Pom are looking for help to find hitherto undiscovered colours in nature. They attend public events, where people seem very happy to help. If you’d like to invite them to your event, please get in touch, as their work is of course extremely important.  Collaborators: Kirsty McCarter and Melanie Jordan.

We regularly develop our ideas and skills by making clown performances for the Clown Cabaret Scratch Night, in creative collaboration  with Plutot La Vie, Clownstepping and Melanie Jordan.

The Complex Number System, at Clown Cabaret Scratch Night

The Complex Number System, at Clown Cabaret Scratch Night. Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

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