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I make performances, both on stage and in more peculiar contexts, and I’m always aiming for a warm-hearted, complicit connection between audience and performers. Check out Two Detectives for the work I’m making currently with Ronan McMahon. My training: Originally, physical theatre, and then later an MFA in Theatre Directing at Birkbeck, University of London. Some favourite past projects:


Walking Around Like We Own the Place

Walking Around Like We Own the Place was part of the programme for Limerick, City of Culture 2014. It was about celebrating the citizens’ emotional relationships to their streets, buildings and landscape. I put out a call for people to take me on their habitual walks in the city, and I went walking, armed with notebook, pen and a nosy head! Some contributors’ stories and routes were documented online, while others formed the basis for performance walking tours as part of the Elemental Festival 2014.

For more about Walking Around Like We Own the Place, click here.

Five Houses, a community production by The Gaff (Ireland), about houses, home, homelessness and belonging. Written and performed by residents and ex-residents of the much-maligned Moyross housing estate in Limerick, and staged proudly in Moyross. Feedback from our audience:

“Beautiful, very moving show.”

“I thought it was absolutely brilliant.”

“Found it really moving and hugely honest. There is nothing as powerful as people telling their own stories with passion and integrity.”

“Really enjoyable and special”


Norman Shadowboxer

Norman Shadowboxer (2011, EmptyBox Theatre, London primary schools tour and Edinburgh Fringe) was far from perfect, but there were aspects of it that still give me great cheer when I remember them! Puppeteers Elizabeth Dapo and Elizabeth Fazio taught me that a skilled puppetry practitioner can make magic happen.

“This is the company’s debut show, but you would never guess it, such is the understated brilliance with which this sweet story is told.” – Jo Caird, Fest Magazine

“…very clever and pleasing… The continuous revelation of more box-rendered everyday objects (box-teacup, box-telephone) was very funny” – Animations Online 

“An excellent show for children – all of ours were completely captivated” – Broadway Baby

The Story of Our Supper, an intercultural project with Maryhill Integration Network. Every week, myself and nutritionist/artist Kezia Hall met with a group of women who were refugees or seeking asylum in the UK, and we all shared food and stories about food. I told stories which were simultaneously translated into Arabic and Farsi by two multi-lingual women present, and Kezia made food inspired by the cultures and recipes of the participants. The sessions were gorgeous, as we all climbed earnestly over the language barriers, getting to know each other through laughter and mutual hospitality.

One favourite game (played in nearly every session) was about trying to remember what everyone else had said. Here’s all the things we like to eat:


Mobile Meeting Tent

The Mobile Story Tent

The Mobile Story Tent tours to arts & music festivals. Inside the ‘tent’, we follow a fiendishly clever (but fiendishly simple) format so that everyone contributes but no-one feels they have to perform. The MST is about offering festival-goers the chance to meet strangers and be creative, in a way that is light-touch, accessible and – fiendish.

mst, rectangle

Further Projects