Telling Stories Live

“Naomi is the best storyteller in the world!” – sensible review from a student at St. Oswald’s Secondary School, Glasgow


I find storytelling pretty magical in its simplicity. Since moving to Scotland in 2011, I’ve learnt to connect my contemporary performance training to the oral storytelling tradition. I’ve learnt to honour the low-tech, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart roots of storytelling.

(My storytelling often crosses over with the world of ‘theatre’ – you can find more info about the theatre work here – though of course, arguably it’s all theatre, or it’s all storytelling..!)

I tell tales for/with all sorts of audiences. Here are some organisations I’ve worked with as a visiting storyteller:

alice-in-wonderland-30130_1280 (1)Telling with adults: Glasgow Comedy Festival; Scottish International Storytelling Festival; Sangs an’ Clatter with The Village Storytelling Centre

With young people: Arts in the City (with young people in residential care); Secondary schools across Glasgow, mainstream and non-mainstream; Bridgeton Young Women’s Project

Photo: Crimson Glow

With children: Primary schools across Glasgow; Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum; Yorkhill Children’s Hospital; Historic Scotland (in a castle!)

With tiny people and even babies: Wee Wednesdays at The Burrell Collection; Imagine Lab at The Village Storytelling Centre; A tour of nurseries with Scottish Book Week


Further Projects