Muggins and I

An archived post from Walking Around Like We Own the Place:

In May, a 7-year-old girl took me for a walk around the city centre. She shall be known here as “Muggins”.

First surprise was a small set of shelves of toys for sale, in the Mothercare shop on Cruises Street – Muggins said that she and her sister hang around here with the toys while Muggins’ mother looks at the clothes, etc. When Muggins took me here, there were little boys, brothers, clambering around the shelf, while their mother browsed the clothes. This set of shelves in Mothercare seems to be a quiet hotspot on the under-10s shopping-with-mum scene.

Other key points from my walk with Muggins:

1. There is a big blue sign on O’Connell street that says “To Let”…and it makes Muggins and her little sister laugh, because they like to imagine that it says “Toilet”. Tee hee hee hee!

2. We found a FIRE dancing merrily in Arthurs Quay park, where someone had lit up a pile of litter. No one else but Muggins and I noticed it! We crossed back to Arthurs Quay Shopping Centre and a shop assistant reported it to Henry Street Garda Station.

3. We crossed Sarsfield Bridge, and Muggins said she’s sometimes afraid that children will fall in through the stone balustrades.

4. Muggins had a loose, wobbly tooth. As we crossed the bridge, she said she wouldn’t like it to fall out and into the river…because a swan could get it and swallow it…and the swan might grow teeth. And then Muggins might grow a beak.